No matter the product or service, Glendale believes it takes quality people with the right training and certifications to deliver only the best to our customers. After all, it’s what Glendale customers have come to know and depend on.



COR CertificiationThe Certificate of Recognition Program (COR™) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety & health program which meets national standards.

The objectives of COR™ are to provide industry employers with an effective safety and health management system to reduce incidents, accidents and injuries as well as their associated human and financial costs.

Glendale’s Onsite Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metals Crews are all COR™ certified.

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Canadian Welding Bureau

CWB CertificationOur certification with CWB W47.1 ensures that the welding Procedures covering all joints, processes and positions used in CARM fabrication/erection are current and approved by the CWB and that weld quality and workmanship are up to the levels specified by the design or product standard. Each CWB certified company is required to employ an adequate number of Welding Supervisors, with welding related experience, to control welding operations.

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Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards COR™CMVSS Certification

Glendale truck-mount service tanks are all manufactured to the highest standards and are mounted to CMVSS regulations.

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Canadian Transportation Equipment Association

CTEAThe Canadian Transportation Equipment Association ensures all Members conform to the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act (CMVSA) and its Regulations and Standards. While the CMVSA is the primary focus, the association also helps members comply  with other legislated transportation requirements.

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Construction Association of Rural Manitoba

CARM CertificationFor the betterment of our industry, the Construction Association of Rural Manitoba provides services and representation to its members. CARM acts as a liaison between its members and consumers of construction services and, other interested groups.

Glendale has been a proud, active member of CARM for 14 years

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